A Review of Nepal’s Local Adaptation Plans of Action (LAPA)

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By Brian Peniston, The Mountain Institute, 8 August 2013

(To download the complete Nepal LAPA Stocktaking Report, click the link at the bottom of this page.)

(To view and download the 125-page DRAFT Khumbu LAPA Complete Reference Document, click here.)

(To view  and download the 26-page Long Summary of the Khumbu LAPA, click here)

Executive Summary:  

This report examines the Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA) mechanism in Nepal and is a review of the history of the mechanism and the process and methodologies used to conduct LAPAs in Nepal. It is an illustrative guide rather than an exhaustive study, and is based on a qualitative and quantitative review of a finite number of documents that were available at the time of writing. The review also includes information gathered through interviews conducted with development professionals in Nepal, which may or may not represent the whole development sector. Based on this review, several observations and recommendations are offered as ways to possibly proceed and strengthen the LAPA process and mechanism. 

The report concludes with a discussion of the in-process Local Adaptation Plan for Action for the Khumbu Valley and with "next steps and general observations" by the author.

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