Handy summary of Glacial Lake Handbook

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Peru has experienced what most experts are now predicting for other glaciated mountains throughout the world: shrinking glaciers with emerging lakes that sometimes release deadly glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs). Through a long history of managing their glacial lakes, Peruvians have developed expertise in glacier hazard management that is perhaps unmatched in the world. 

In the March newsletter we showcased the final Glacial Lake Handbook, which had just been released by HiMAP. We’ve now prepared a six-page summary of the original 68-page book, which quickly distills many of the most essential points of glacial lake management and still features the most important illustrations. 

This summary distills the 68-page Glacier Lake Handbook for the benefit of mountain dwellers and policymakers worldwide.

Download a copy here. (PDF 5.8MB)

Refer to the complete document for detailed explanations and case studies.

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