The Climber-Scientist Small Grants program provides field-based, hands-on research opportunities to scientists and practitioners working in high mountain regions. Particular focus is placed on information regarding the impacts of climate change, interaction between highland and lowland communities, and methods for protecting fragile alpine ecosystems. An important element of the USAID-funded Climate Change Resilience Development (CCRD)* project, the goal of the Small Grants program is to advance the understanding of climate adaptation in priority sectors, geographic areas, and sensitive landscapes.

 Under CCRD, the High Mountain Glacial Watershed Program (HMGWP) was established to help increase awareness of the critical importance of high mountain watersheds. It is a Community of Practice fostered by the Adaptation Partnership, launched by the US, Spain, and Costa Rica in 2010.

 CCRD announced the competitive solicitation for the Climber-Scientist Small Grants in May 2012, and eleven grants were awarded in July 2012.

Integrated and Participatory Risk Management in Peru’s Lake Parón Glacier Basin
Building on his extensive experience in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca, Adam French’s project will help local communities in the Santa River watershed to build technical skills in hazard assessment and risk management, and in methods for meteorological and hydrologic data collection. The project’s focus is the development of a community-driven, participatory data collection and monitoring program in the Lake Parón glacial basin. It will provide vital information about the region’s shifting hy...